Hapkido Self-Defense Rules

Hapkido Self Defense – Modified Rules for Tigerbalm Internationals Competition:

The self defense demonstration consists of pairs or groups of competitors (up to 4 persons) performing self defense techniques of their choosing. The competitors may have all attack/defense techniques be performed by one of the competitors, or they may alternate who attacks and who defends. However, only one competitor will register to receive scoring.

Defense against weapons is also included in this competition without extra credit for the use of weapons.

A time limit of 3 minutes applies to all demonstrations. Time begins after the lead competitor addresses the judges and receives permission to begin, or when the second competitor enters the ring. A penalty will be deducted for each 10 second period that a demonstration exceeds the 3 minute time limit.

This division will be judged in a similar manner to SKITA rules for forms divisions and competitors will be evaluated on artful and effective technique, speed, rooting, and skill. The purpose of this demonstration is to evaluate the competitors’ ability to select an appropriate defensive technique for the attack attempted, and to effectively execute the defensive technique so that the attacker is rendered harmless, as well as the safe falling technique of the attacker. The defender should not use flashy or ostentatious techniques that add nothing to the effectiveness of the defense. Rather, the defender should seek to end the attack using techniques that are practical, efficient and feasible for use in real self defense situations.

Scoring will be based upon:

  1. Accuracy of Techniques. Accurate application of techniques to control opponent(s).
  2. Fluidity and effective demonstration of techniques. Creative application of techniques.
  • Balance, Speed and Power. Accurate and quick movements that generate explosive power, while properly maintaining balance during artful demonstration.

A single technique may be continued into a second round of techniques. Acceptable techniques for Hapkido Self Defense Demonstration Category

  1. Wrist Grabs,
  2. Clothing Grabs,
  3. Defensive Punching,
  4. Defensive Kicking,
  5. Defensive Throwing
  6. Attacking Techniques,
  7. Restraining Techniques,
  8. Rope Techniques,
  9. Sword Techniques,
  10. Staff Techniques,
  11. Cane Techniques,
  12. Special Kicking,
  13. Falling,
  14. Sword Techniques.