MMA Sparring (No Face) Rules

All junior matches consists of one 3 minute round and all adult matches consist of one 5 minute round which can be won by a tap, decision or disqualification. All matches will be judges by three officials who will evaluate the competitors and award the win to the competitor who dominates the majority of the action.

Competitors must wear tight fitting, clean board shorts and T-shirt or rash guard all in good conditions. Attire with inappropriate language or imagery is not acceptable. All competitors must only wear the approved gloves provided by us. You must bring your own headgear, shin and instep pads and mouth guard. Groin cups are mandatory for all male competitors. All headgear has to fit properly. If you shake your head hard and your gear moves you should either replace it or tape it since you will wear the headgear at all times during the match.

The referee has also the right to restart a fight standing for prolonged inactivity. In the event of an injury, a player will have 5 minutes to resume competition or be disqualified. Medical personnel will have the final say as to whether a player may continue.

The referee has the discretion to stop the fight at any time when he thinks that

  • a competitor uses any of the illegal techniques listed below. The referee has the discretion to give the competitor one warning or to disqualify him/her right away
  • a competitor is not protecting himself properly and/or is in a submission hold that may put his/her health at risk in any way
  • a competitor and/or his coach acts in an unsportsmanlike fashion and/or tries to seriously hurt his opponent. This competitor will be disqualified.

Illegal techniques include:

  • strikes or kick in the face below the eye brows
  • kicks to the head
  • no punches to the head when in the 3-point position or on the ground in all Kids (12 and under) divisions
  • strikes or kicks against the back of the head or any joint
  • strikes or kicks against the groin or spine
  • elbow or knee strikes
  • kicks to the body when one opponent is in the three point position or any other position on the ground
  • leg attacks other than straight foot locks
  • neck cranks with no arm going across the throat
  • finger or toe locks
  • eye gouging, head butts, fish hooking or biting
  • Scissor and Surplex throws or any other throw onto the head
  • slam from the guard that involves lifting the opponent past a horizontal position
  • pressure point techniques
  • wrist, biceps or calf locks
  • leaving the mat area to avoid the fight or a submission attempt.

Note: All Junior divisions will have a 20lbs weight difference limit. If a competitor out-weights his division average by more than 20lbs than he/she has to move up one division regardless of age to reduce the chance of injury.