Lei Tai Sport Fighting

The Lei Tai fighting approach


  • Controlled contact on head gear protected area of the head
  • Controlled contact on the legs
  • Hard contact on the chest guard protected area of the body
  • No attack to unprotected area or the back of the head/spine allowed
  • No knee or elbow strike to the head allowed
  • No groin or joint attack allowed
  • Any attack on purpose on unprotected areas or hard contact to areas outside of the chest guard is eligible to official warning and/or DQ at the discretion of the centre referee


Three points:

  • For a full throw where the throwing competitor remains fully up right.

Two points:

  • Half throw with one extra point of contact of throwing competitor (i.e. knee or hand) on the mat.
  • Knee strike to the body (chest guard).
  • Opponent fully out of bounds, while the competitor remains on the mat (this 2 points is awarded on top and called by the referee).
  • Head kick (with control).

One point:

  • Both competitors fall to the ground then the controlling competitor gets 1 point.
  • Any hand strike (with the padded part of the glove).
  • Elbow strike to the body (chest guard).
  • Any body or leg kick.

Penalty system:

The following types of offences will result in an official warning:

  • Attacking illegal area described above or use of disallowed techniques.
  • Excessive use of force.
  • Disobeying the referees.
  • Striking downed opponent.

Bleeding or injuries that results from an illegal strike (immediate DQ could result at the discretion of centre referee)

Other unsportsmanlike conduct by Athlete, Coach or Parent.

With any infraction requiring an official warning the grieved competitor receives 2 points.

A second infraction of the same nature is an automatic DQ.


Two 1:30 minute rounds with 30 seconds in between for resting.


The centre referee stops and adjudicates how many points are awarded for throw and out-of-bound situations.

It’s also the centre referee’s discretion to call a fault, issue official warning, and grant the grieved competitor.

4 corner referees with counters will be employed to observe and count the points during the fight – two on each competitor. Rotation of the judges is done each round for fairness.

A match is awarded if:

An athlete is over-matched by the opponent in power and skill; in that event, the centre referee can declare absolute victory.

There is a disqualification.

Note: In case of a tie there will be a Sudden-Death round to determine the winner. If a second tie occurs that the judges point to the winner.

All competitors are required to supply shin & instep, mouth guard (groin cup for males). For health reason, competitors should have their own head gear and chest protector. The tournament will supply the padded finger-less MMA style gloves.


The required head gear (or better)
The required chest protector(or better)